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Re: Multiarch in Debian unstable


On 2011-06-27 11:54:53 +0100, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Work is ongoing to formulate a proper, distribution-neutral interface for
> querying the correct multiarch path for a system.  In the meantime, if you
> are an upstream affected by this issue, or a maintainer of a package whose
> upstream is affected, you are welcome to join us in discussing these matters
> on debian-devel as well.
> A summary of currently known upstream compatibility issues, and the status
> of prospective patches for them, can also be found in the Debian wiki here:
>   http://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/TheCaseForMultiarch#Impact

Just a comment...

How libraries are searched is not clear, but depending on how this
is done, there may be compatibility issues when the user installs
software in his home directory, in case he or some tool installs
libraries in $prefix/lib instead of $prefix/lib/<arch>.

For instance, if all the default .../lib/<arch> directories have
the precedence over the .../lib directories listed in the user's
$LIBRARY_PATH, bad things can happen. This is the choice followed
by upstream GCC (lib64 directories have the precedence over the
user's lib directories), with the following consequence:


Related to that, will Linux support fat binaries[*] one day?
If this is possible, where should they be installed, and how
libraries would be searched in a consistent way to support
various kinds of libraries?

[*] containing different architectures, not just sub-architectures.

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