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Bug#631339: ITP: libapp-termcast-perl -- termcasting module

Package: wnpp
Owner: gregor herrmann <gregoa@debian.org>
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-devel@lists.debian.org,debian-perl@lists.debian.org

* Package name    : libapp-termcast-perl
  Version         : 0.10
  Upstream Author : Jesse Luehrs <doy at tozt dot net>
* URL             : http://search.cpan.org/dist/App-Termcast/
* License         : Artistic or GPL-1+
  Programming Lang: Perl
  Description     : termcasting module

App::Termcast is a client for the http://termcast.org/ service, which allows
broadcasting of a terminal session for remote viewing.

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