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Re: oshackers.org: visualizing the operating system developers

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 2:28 AM, Sakis Kasampalis <faif@dtek.gr> wrote:

> Based on the idea of http://maps.ubuntu.com/map/ my friend Efstathios
> and me (mostly consulting) developed http://oshackers.org/ - A Web
> application that can be used for visualizing the Free Software/Open
> Source operating system hackers around the world. oshackers supports
> features not included in the Ubuntu maps application, like (1)
> clustering, (2) short/detailed information about a developer by simply
> left-clicking on the system's icon,
> (3) visualization of a specific system, etc.
> You are more than welcomed to register and tell us what you think!

Any particular reason you aren't using OpenStreetMap?



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