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Re: Features Missing in Debian's Package Management System


On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 01:26:02AM +0430, Eliad Bagherzadegan wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not sure whether this is the appropriate mailing list for the subject or
> not. If not, please let me know the right place for this discussion.

> There are a few features that would probably improve Debian's package Management
> system (at least based on my needs). And maybe they exist somewhere I don't know
> about.
> 1. system-bug-status: This is actually pretty easy to implement. This program
> should periodically check the bug tracking system for bugs in installed packages
> and report to the system administrator.
> * It can prioritize the packages based on there importance, how frequently they
> are used, possible security risks and manual configurations.
> * It can be configured to check only for the bugs based on their classifications
> (serious, important, normal, verified or not, etc.)
> * For different combinations of these two it can determine the appropriate
> period to check.
> 2. The ability to ban certain packages and (possibly) there dependent packages.
> So that they wouldn't show up in the package manager at all.
> I would really appreciate any ideas and suggestions.

As others poited out with short messages, there are ways already in
Debian and you just did not notice them since you are new to Debian.  
I know it is a bit obscure.  It may help you to read basic documentation
linked from:

There you find my "Debian Reference":

Especially "Chapter 2. Debian package management":

Good luck.


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