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Re: more about Zookeeper

On Sun, 12 Jun 2011, Ted Dunning wrote:
> > Ted Dunning <ted.dunning@gmail.com> writes:
> >> There has been a bit of talk about Apache Zookeeper recently by Thomas
> >> Koch.  He has a bad opinion of Zookeeper and things it is "not good
> >> enough for Debian".
> >
> > Could you please provide a reference?
> How about this: http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2011/06/msg00316.html

Ah, now I understand the whole deal better.

I won't judge zookeeper, but it is pretty clear it is about to be
orphaned, and that it needs a new team maintaining the Debian package if
it is to remain in Debian.

It *is* too complex a package, it is not the kind of thing to foster on
Debian QA.  It will have to be dropped if a new maintainer doesn't step up

As usual, it will be up to its new maintainer team to decide whether
zookeeper is indeed going to be security-maintainable across a Debian
stable release (which means 3 years of backporting security fixes).  And
to convice the release manager of it (which is usually not a problem at
all, unless the package has a very bad track record, etc).  Upstream *CAN*
help arrange for this to be much easier on their downstream Debian
maintainers, e.g. through a long-term-support release at the appropriate
time (i.e.  before Debian freezes Squeeze).

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