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Re: Bugs against packages from BPO

   Hey again,

* Mehdi Dogguy <mehdi@dogguy.org> [2011-06-07 17:41:57 CEST]:
> Yes. But, one can still check and remove those tags when appropriate.
> My approach was just to avoid as much as possible to send false bugreports
> to the usual maintainer. The reporter can remove those tags if he's sure
> that it also applies to testing/unstable.

 Ah right, that was the second big issue, that the BTS can't currently
handle maintainer contact information for different "branches" of
development. Personally I would assume that the backporter should also
care about watching the bugreports in the regular pool because they also
potentially affect their endusers, but the other way round is something
that not everyone is totally interested in; and even though it might be
rather low traffic, people should at least have the possibility to
filter them out conveniently.

 Thanks for bringing that point back to my mind. :)
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