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Re: intermediate result of packaging-dev meta package discussion


On 05/06/2011 15:46, Benjamin Drung wrote:
> Hi,
> A few days ago, we had a discussion about a packaging-dev meta package.
> The responses were between neutral and positive. Therefore I created a
> initial draft [1] and tried to incorporate all suggestions made in the
> discussion.
> The list looks currently like this:
> Depends: [...]
>          pbuilder | cowbuilder | sbuild,

  My laptop, where I do all my packaging work but final build, has
none of them installed. I've a separate machine with several chroots
(lenny, squeeze, unstable and several for ubuntu) managed with sbuild that
I use when I want to really build the package I will upload. Due to disk
space, I cannot instal them (chroots) on my laptop.
  I other people work like me, these tools can be moved to Recommends
instead of Depends.


>          quilt,
>          ${misc:Depends}
> Recommends: apt-file,
>             autoconf,
>             automake,
>             autotools-dev,
>             bzr-builddeb,
>             cdbs,
>             cmake,
>             debian-policy,
>             developers-reference,
>             git-buildpackage,
>             gnupg,
>             libtool,
>             piuparts,
>             svn-buildpackage,
>             ${vendor-specific:Recommends}
> Suggests: dh-make
> ${vendor-specific:Recommends} will be evaluated to "ubuntu-dev-tools" on
> Ubuntu.
> Please let me know if there is something missing, should be demoted, or
> removed.
> This package is just for packaging, not for developing. So gdb, pylint
> and co. won't go into it. This package should be installed by packagers.
> No other package should depend or build-depend on packaging-dev.
> [1] http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=collab-maint/packaging-dev.git

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