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Re: A concrete proposal for rolling implementation

On Thu, May 05, 2011 at 12:05:22AM +0300, Cristian Henzel wrote:
> >   What to do during freezes
> >   -------------------------
> > I’m not sure we really need to do something different in times of
> > freeze. Our time would be better spent by reducing the freeze time and
> > making it more predictable; squeeze has been an awesome step in this
> > direction.
> >
> > If we want to do something different though, there is a simple recipe:
> > allow packages to be picked up from unstable, but also from
> > experimental. Again, no disruption: people can keep on breaking some
> > pieces of experimental, but if they want some other pieces to be useful
> > for rolling users, they just need to be committed to more carefulness
> > and to add them to the override file.
> I also find this a very good implementation, although I would like a 'true'
> rolling release, without any freezes at all. I'm not sure how much extra work it
> implies or how much sense it would make to have an exact clone of testing just
> without the freezes.

Not a lot, I don't expect it larger than having to place a dozen hints
usually, up to a small hundred during the peaks (100 is less than 1% of
our source packages).

Maintaining something like that isn't hard, it's already what the RM
Team does to follow testing migrations, and if rolling is generated
after testing is, the Rolling Team will benefit from the RT work so it's
just an incremental effort. Nothing wasted.

(And not wanting to finger point but I've read at least a certain RT
Member saying that he would even consider help a Rolling Team as he's
already doing that pinning on his workstation…)
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