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Re: gtkpod packaging dependencies

On 02/05/11 22:22, Matteo F. Vescovi wrote:
> Hi!
> On 02/05/2011 20:54, phantomjinx wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Someone with the handle 'mfv' came into the gtkpod irc channel wondering
>> about gtkpod dependencies as he was packaging it for debian.
> It was me :-) Sorry if I didn't wait long enough for your direct reply.
>> I have already produced an ubuntu ppa for the 2.0.1-beta so thought the
>> debian directory would be useful.
> Thanks a lot, really. Your help is really appreciated.
> I hope I'll find a sponsor to upload it soon to unstable.
>> Please find attached.
>> (Not registered so please cc any replies. Thanks).
> Same here.
>> Regards
>> phantomjinx
> Cheers,
> mfv
> --
> Ing. Matteo F. Vescovi

Hi Matteo,

Just found your question in gtkpod irc.

Not quite certain what you were asking about the copyrights. I think ...

The AUTHORS file in the gtkpod source is the most accurate record of all
the authors. Probably a couple more besides so always essential to add
the line about "others past and present".

Any other info then ask away.



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