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Re: PPAs for Debian

disagree with both of you, although indeed, unless explicitly
mentioned, PPAs should not be positioned as 'official', since they
are NOT.

we already have dozens of private repositories around, and it is not for
us to judge either they are of any use -- time and their use would show.
The role of PPAs as far as I see it to  

1. enable with ease construction of personal repositories, 

2. make them really easily available on Debian systems, 

3. CENTRALIZE their location under Debian's umbrella.   

Benefits would be numerous: from actually QAing (e.g. automatic
lintian, rebuilds etc) so that e.g. no sponsorship request is even
accepted unless package passes PPA QA, to possibly even serving them as
the possible venue for custom packaging work of the derivatives (thus
making it easier to put it into Debian proper).

On Tue, 03 May 2011, Andreas Barth wrote:
> > I do not agree on this, if the package is good enough and has somebody willing
> > to maintain it, the package may belong to the archive.

> Eh, the PPAs we are speaking about is like "new features to existing
> packages". Yes, we need to avoid PPAs which are just dead ends.

> Andi
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