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Re: Debian rolling: tentative summary

Hi Lucas,

I appreciate your effort to try and sum things up.  However, I'd like
to raise the point that the discussion was about more than just having a
"rolling" and "user-oriented" testing release.

The feedback that started (or at least helped springboard) this massive
thread was that "when we're releasing, everything else grinds to a halt,
maybe it doesn't need to", followed by pondering whether there was a
better way to manage this.  My initial proposal apparently smelled a bit
like rolling, which got out people from both the pro- and con- rolling
camps, and unfortunately it seems that a good deal of the discussion
ended up splintering off in that direction.

While rolling may be one[1] way of addressing the freeze blockage, it's
most likely not the only way to do so.  Over the weekend I took out a
DEP to try and examine this underlying issue from a few different
angles, including ideas that are rolling-like as well as aproaches that may
be less so.


[1] or, several, really, since there isn't just a single concrete rolling
    implementation being proposed.

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