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Re: Reporting same bug in different packages

Patrick Strasser wrote:
> I want to report a bug, which occurs in two packages (okular, xpdf)
> exactly the same way. It's a problem with rendering PDFs.

Thanks for spotting this bug. Your contribution to Debian is

> What would be the right way:
> * File two bugs and refer to each other in a additional message

I was curious and took a look at these packages' Depends: field, and
they do not share many dependencies. I was suspecting a library would be
culprit in the bad rendering, but this doesn't seem the case, so, IMHO,
I would file a bug with each viewer, so that each code gets fixed. 
Including a reference to the same bug happening with other PDF viewers
would also be fine. Going the extra mile, I'd try this misterious PDF on
other viewers (evince, epdfview...) and report bugs accordingly.
But I'd really try to figure out weather it's not actually a font
problem, or a different kind of issue (which would not belong in a
discussion in debian-devel). 

> If d.devel.general is the wrong group, I beg you all pardon and would
> be thankful for naming a proper group.

I'm inclined to believe that discussing propper BTS handling does belong
here, but I might be wrong, and if so, would like to be corrected.

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