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Re: Debian rolling: tentative summary

Le lundi 02 mai 2011 à 19:31 +0200, Goswin von Brederlow a écrit : 
> To those users that want newer software my next question would be "What
> software?". My feeling there is that it is only some software, allways
> the same software and used for the same use case: KDE / Gnome /
> Multimedia stuff for the Desktop.
> Looking at the other group, those that cherish the slow release cycles
> and excelent stability and security support, shows a a large bias
> towards servers that are either completly headless or where people don't
> care about the latest sparkly desktop hype. They need to run and keep
> running without having to upgrade them every 6 month.
> If my impression is right then maybe there is something to say for
> having a desktop and a server flavour like other distributions. It would
> be wastefull to have a rolling release with all sources included if the
> users only need a subset. The desktop users only want the new sparkly
> KDE / Gnome / Multimedia stuff. They do not care about the latest
> coreutils or latest postgresql.

I’ve seen such arguments to split the distribution between desktop and
server components many times, but I still don’t buy them.

First of all, the line is very hard to draw. The desktop requires server
components (for example Apache binaries), and some daemons require
desktop components (like Glib). Where do you put a GUI to configure
iptables? or the necessary components to make remote desktops?

If you want to make a distinction between users, make it between those
who want stable things maintained in the long term and those who want
always the latest stuff. But there are desktop users in the former
category and web applications developers in the latter.


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