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Re: wanna-build / how to sort packages on buildds?

On Saturday, April 30, 2011 07:36:38 PM Andreas Barth wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem I need to solve in perl within wanna-build:
> Sometimes we have a few packages we don't want to build on a certain
> buildds. Sometimes this is because this package needs lots of ram. Or
> it takes quite long and would waste the parallel building a machine
> supports. Or whatever else. Of course a package could be in more than
> one category.
> Now, what I would like to do is to write that down in a central file
> with categories.
> That is, to mark packages as "builds only with more than one gigabyte
> of ram". And to mark buildds as "has 6 cores", "only ... ram" - so
> that I don't need to copy entries from buildd to buildd, but just say
> "that new machine is the same class as ...", and that's it.
> Now my question is just: How to do that efficient? I.e. how would such
> a configuration file look like, and how the code to distribute the
> package on the most fitting buildd(s)? (I.e. it's better to waste 5
> out of 6 cores than to not build a package at all, but a package
> needing at least 1g ram can't build on a buildd with only 512mb - but
> no package should starve in the end.)
> Ideas? Suggestions? Code?

If one could do something like:

wb gb libieee1284 mod-wsgi nflog-bindings zinnia . ia64 . !caballero

that would be a HUGE win.  My suggestion would be to start with something 
simple and declarative like that and then build the back end to automatically 
sort out the list of candidate buildd's after that.

Scott K

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