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Qt3 looking for adopters


kdelibs3 was removed recently from the archive and the last tiny bit
of KDE 3 remaining, aRts, will be removed quite soon.

This means the KDE team is not longer interested in Qt3 and we are looking 
for new maintainer(s). 

Personally, I would have gone for removing Qt3 too but the following concerns
have been raised:

- latest LSB 4.1 still needs Qt3
- some software using Qt3 do not have any replacement (twinkle has mentioned
  for several users). There is a list of packages using Qt 3 at [1] and 
  even if Qt3 is kept in the archive, I am planning to do a QA round of all
  the packages using Qt3.
- there seem to be a lot of people using their Qt 3 software and Debian in 
  scientific environments.

Qt 3 was EOL'ed in July 2007 [2], so if you decide to adopt Qt 3 you won't
have any support by upstream. Also, if you adopt the package, please 
coordinate with the KDE team so we can push some final changes.

If there are no adopters in the next 3 weeks, I will do an orphaning upload 
(and file the O: bug) with the changes mentioned earlier.

PS: cc'me in replies

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/qt3-x11-freeRemoval
[2] http://qt.nokia.com/about/news/archive/press.2007-01-22.4604809587/)

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