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Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy

* Pierre Habouzit (madcoder@madism.org) [110501 01:32]:
> back a few versions. I couldn't care about testing any less. And at
> work, every person I know either uses just stable or does the same as
> me. I know no testing user around me. Of course I'm not pretending I
> know the absolute Truth, but well, I find this whole "users want testing
> badly" thing dubious.

I use testing on some Desktops, stable on others (but with codenames,
so at release I stay with stable, and usually a year after or so I
switch back to testing).

>   - get rid of experimental that would mostly become useless as PPA
>     would clearly be a superset of the features.

but a slow merge-out, i.e. once PPA is working well, we can still get
rid of experimental.

>   - make it easy to create new PPA repositories (aka "forks") for every
>     DD. Of course some attention not to overload buildd resources is
>     important so maybe "forks" should be restricted to a few
>     architectures instead of all of them.

We could just prioritize PPA repositories - if there is not enough
buildd power for all of them, only some will get built.

> But really, let's focus on relieving the expensive scarce resource (aka
> manpower, developers, maintainers) instead of adding burden on it for a
> dubious claim that users want it. If you add more burden to the scarce
> resource, instead of grabbing new "users", you'll end up with worse
> quality and actually lose users: it's a lose-lose scenario on the long
> term.



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