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Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy

On 30/04/11 at 14:31 +0200, Mehdi Dogguy wrote:
> On 04/28/2011 08:20 PM, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> >The sooner we get the big transitions done, the sooner we can focus
> >on fixing the remaining bugs.
> There will be always new transitions… you're gonna to wait for ever.

OK, but I'm under the impression that in the first 6 months of a release
cycle, we usually have a lot more transitions than during the next 6
months. Also, the fact that we don't have a clear release schedule with
a freeze date fixed in advance probably encourages people to start new
transition when the reasonable thing to do would be to stop there and

One thing that I really enjoyed when I was more active in Ubuntu was the
clearly defined release schedules, split into the time when you can
break the world, and the time when everybody works towards stabilizing
(long before the final freeze).

- Lucas

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