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Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy

On 04/30/2011 12:28 PM, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
Debian is perfectly good at holding the status quo - it's a
well-integrated, stable, mostly state of the art distribution
suited for almost anything you can come up with. Trying to repaint
one of the existing bikesheds with your new "rolling" color will
not attract the developers (nor users) interested in making it a
hip place again.

And how do you know that?

The first point is confirmed by the number of derivatives of Debian.
The second can be argued, IMHO, by the fact that there won't be releases of
"rolling". They won't be working installers at all times. It's supported
on 'best-effort' basis… we *already* try to do that. Advertising that
won't change anything for developers (we are not evil), but only for
users! Well, some of them, those reading planet, d-d-a, or
$whatever_news_media that will explain clearly and in a faithful way the

In fact, I'm even happy to see becoming manifest the various
disagreement and different expectations we have around testing: on
such "vague" aspects it's hard to have upfront agreements.  But both
you and Raphael are taking guesses on the number of users /
developers / effects of a thing which does not exist yet. At this
point, it can only be speculation. You might disagree how much as
you please, but there is only one way to know who is right: build
the thing.

And you can do that right now, without waiting. Go book
"rolling.debian.net" and set up a britney instance there. It's not a
difficult task. It will help us to know who actually uses it, when, how
much, etc… Please do prove us wrong!


Mehdi Dogguy مهدي الدڤي

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