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Re: Bug#623452: ITP: partclone -- Utility to clone and restore a partition

Hi Reinhard,

Reinhard Tartler a écrit :
> >  Partclone is a project like the well-known backup utility 
> >  "Partition Image" a.k.a. partimage. 
> It would be great if the description would include a list of supported
> filesystems. I immediately wondered if NTFS was supported (it seems it is).

The list of supported filesystems includes NTFS. I had to remove support
for a series of filesystems, which were supported in the version of
partclone published two years ago (and distributed with static embedded
libraries), because the relevant development libraries are not part of

Here is the list of filesystems which are *not* supported now:
xfs, reiserfs, reiser4, ufs, vmfs, jfs.

Supported filesystems are:
extfs, hfsp, fat, ntfs, btrfs.

Any suggestion to find usable libraries for filesystems which I had to
drop is welcome.

Best regards,			Georges.

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