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Re: Only forbid use of old alternatives to /run in wheezy+1?

On Sat, 16 Apr 2011, Roger Leigh wrote:
On Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 05:58:19PM +0100, Edward Allcutt wrote:
I suggest:
 - on upgrade, bind mount or symlink /run/init -> /lib/init/rw
 - on boot, after mounting /run, mkdir /run/init; ln -s /run/init /lib/init/rw

Or in other words - exactly like we're handling /var/lock and /dev/shm except
without a possible separate tmpfs.

This keeps /lib/init/rw available at all times and doesn't require any
particular upgrade order. The link could be dropped in wheezy+1 but there's no
urgency to do so.

I was under the impression that this was already part of the plan, did
/run/init get dropped for some reason?

It did.  The general consensus was that if we did bind mount /run/init
to /lib/init/rw on boot (and vice versa on initial install, as for the
othe locations), we would still need to transition from /run/init to
/run anyway, so we might as well transition directly from /lib/init/rw
to /run in a single shot.  This is unlike the other directories, where
the files are linked directly to their final destinations.
I see. I don't see how this can be done in a single shot though.

Let's take the example of package P which currently keeps state in
/lib/init/rw/P. It has version P1 in squeeze. For version P2 in wheezy
it aims to move that state to /run/P.

The plan is for packages that will use /run in wheezy to predepend on
initscripts (>= X).

To achieve this, P (version P2) has to Pre-Depend: initscripts (>= X).
Because initscripts intends to forcibly move /lib/init/rw/* to /run/*
you're proposing that initscripts will Breaks: P (<< P2).

I'm hoping I've misunderstood somewhere because that sure looks like
an unbreakable cycle to me...

If /run/init has been inextricably vetoed then the safe option looks
like leaving /lib/init/rw alone in wheezy and letting all relevant
packages handle their own transition to /run. If we want to try hard
to remove /lib/init/rw in wheezy+1 then we need RC bugs against
packages using it which don't safely transition away for wheezy.

Edward Allcutt

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