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Re: network-manager as default? No!

"Josselin Mouette" <joss@debian.org> writes:

> Björn Mork wrote:
>> Martin Wuertele <maxx@debian.org> writes:
>>> 	up	ip rule add ....
>>> 	down	ip rule del ....
>> The power of the pre-up/up/down/post-down scripting is tremendous.
> So is that of NM dispatcher scripts.

And this is documented where.

> What is your gripe, again?

1) That Network Manager brings down interfaces without me explicitly
   asking for that (on stop, suspend, or upgrade unless you happen to
   hit the exception made to ignore a RC bug).

2) That you cannot configure any "complex" networking using Network
  Manager. And by "complex" here, I mean something like my laptop

Yes, I do both bridging and vlans on my laptop.  It makes it much easier
to handle virtual guests.

BTW, can Network Manager do IPv4 only on a network where IPv6 RAs are
present?  I ask because I don't know, not to be difficult.  I'd really
appreciate a HOWTO for that...


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