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Re: network-manager as default? No!

Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> writes:

> Since it was completely redesigned, almost from scratch, this doesn’t
> apply for 0.8. Its system daemon is able to manage connections without
> anyone logged on, and with a number of features that makes ifupdown look
> like a baby toy.

So Network-Manager has finally gained basic features like the ability to
set a lower than default MTU?

How about bridging?  VLANs?  Unnumbered interfaces?  DHCPv6-PD?
Disabling IPv6 SLAAC on a specific interface?  Multiple uplinks?
Multiple routing tables?  Creating tap interfaces connected to virtual
swiches? Different types of tunnels?  Sharing an ethernet interface
between PPPoE and IP?

The list of features *not* supported by Network Manager is so long that
I really don't understand how you can start a feature based discussion.
Surely there must be some other attraction to Network Manager than it's
network configuration features?  They are extremely limited I'm afraid.
I've always believed that peoply chose NM for simplicity.  And I can
understand that. It's simple because it doesn't support anything
"complex", including common VPN setups.


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