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Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy

On Wed, 13 Apr 2011, sean finney wrote:
> I was only 50% at the last DebConf and missed the CUT BoF, but thought

I missed the BoF too (I was not at DebConf).

> reading blogposts etc afterwards that people weren't as focused on the
> "branch out stable" approach that I'm talking about, and rather were 
> more interested in stuff like "snapshot testing", "alternative testing
> from unstable", etc).  But I could be mistaken.

There's clearly 2 sides to CUT:
- provide regular snapshots with a working installer
- rolling, aka make testing suitable for end-users and something that
  never freezes

The summary article I wrote some time ago presents both aspects:

> > While I think this is the long-term goal, it might be more sensible
> > to start with rolling and testing in parallel. And I also think it
> > requires us to become involved in release matters and to develop
> > new tools to streamline the process.
> In the way I had thought of things, "rolling" == "testing".  That's to
> say that nextstable branches off the main line of development, gets it's
> own staging area for updates, and the testing/unstable duo function just as
> they did before.  So from what I see we would need the nextstable-testing
> area, plugged into the autobuild system, and an independant instance of
> the release infrastructure as a starting point.

Is the "nexstable staging area" the same as "<release>-proposed-updates"
in your view ?

Or would there be a britney moving stuff from your staging area to
nextstable ?

> I don't think I've heard anything back from anyone who's actually on
> the release team regarding this, but if they were at least non-comittedly
> open to the idea, I'd be willing to throw my hat into the ring to help
> put something together.

Yeah, it would be great to have some feedback from RT team members. I
tried to get some indirectly when I interviewed Meddi Dogguy and Adam D.

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