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Re: rock around hwclock.sh

On Wednesday 13 April 2011 08.05:23 Andrew O. Shadoura wrote:
> ii) Possibly, `hwclock.sh stop` should be run more frequently than just
> once on shutdown, because it sometimes happens that the system doesn't
> shut down correctly. If that happens after some time correction (like
> DST), system time can go wrong, and ntp might not perform the automatic
> correction. Possibly, hwclock saving can be done, for example, once a
> day per anacron, or... any more ideas?

run hwclock stop only at shutdown, but set system clock to latest(rtc, 
hwclock stored time + delta, /var/log/syslog + delta) at boot?

I am aware that not everybody has /var/log/syslog in heavily customized 
installs, but if it's there, it's usually occasionally written to. And using 
that is certainly faster than "find most recently modified file on all 
filesystems" :-)

-- vbi

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