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Please do not use /run yet


As of base-files 6.2 which went into unstable yesterday, we have a
new top-level directory, /run.

This directory will contain a tmpfs which will be present from early
boot, and which will replace /var/run.  This will be done by
initscripts, which we are waiting to be uploaded.  For the time
being, /run is just an empty directory, and it's not guaranteed to
be writable either during early boot, or during normal operation.

In order to make use of, or transition to use /run, packages will be
required to have a versioned dependency on initscripts (>= x), where x
is the initscripts version adding support for /run.  This dependency
will ensure that /run is both present *and* usable.

I'm just mentioning this here because udev started to use /run before
we had completed our work, and without a versioned dependency, causing
breakage.  If you are planning on using /run, please hold fire for a
few days longer until initscripts is uploaded!


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