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Re: Proposed pre-depends addition: all multiarched libs -> multiarch-support

On Tue, 5 Apr 2011 11:12:29 +0100
Simon McVittie <smcv@debian.org> wrote:

> * lintian should warn (error?) if a binary package has libraries in a multiarch
>   directory and doesn't pre-depend on multiarch-support
> * lintian should perhaps also warn if a package uses debhelper compat 9
>   and doesn't pre-depend on ${misc:Pre-Depends}


Lintian error (and an ftpmaster REJECT) if debhelper compat 9 is set
with no ${misc:PreDepends} set because that prevents the
multiarch-support addition. A failure to convert ${misc:PreDepends} to
multiarch-support would be a debhelper bug and seems quite unlikely -
but worth checking at ftpmaster level, possibly.

Lintian error (and an ftpmaster REJECT) if a binary package (not just
a library) has multiarch paths without debhelper compat 9. (This
protects against uploading packages converted with tools like
dpkg-cross -M -A (>= 2.6.3).)

That way, if multiarch-support is no longer needed as a Pre-Depends, the
lintian error is still correct (but can be downgraded with only a
change in lintian) and the rest of the archive packages need no further
changes. The next package rebuild after we decide that
multiarch-support becomes a no-op and ${misc:PreDepends} goes back to
being the empty string automatically, via a change in debhelper.

That leaves everything in the hands of the debhelper tool to add or
not add the actual Pre-Depends and in the hands of lintian to
check correct deployment, without needing any further package changes
across the archive.


Neil Williams

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