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Re: Bug#620808: ITP: payyans -- A python utility to convert between ASCII and Unicode.

On Tue, Apr 05, 2011 at 09:41:27AM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 11:03 PM, Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> wrote:
> > And we already have the 'iconv' and 'recode' commands to do conversion
> > between arbitrary character encodings.
> These are not character encodings, but specific fonts. See the
> khmerconverter ITP for some earlier discussion on this:

If the same issues apply here, that's fine, but the description is
completely wrong.  The fonts in question are not ASCII and calling them
that is simply not correct.  The description should clearly state what
the utility does so that people who need it can find it and those
looking for iconv or recode determine that it's not for them.

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