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Re: Hay one more, in GNU World


On Sunday 03 April 2011 11.57:02 Snow Star wrote:

> We are developing on good infrastructure Yours and Ubuntu,
> We want to develop on Your and Ubuntu GNU / Linux, and also to become
> great friends of the GNU world, and so our community becomes stronger.
> Our visions are similar to Yours.
> And the support of the ("not talking about money") just the verbal, Do
> you agree that we still continue to develop on your platform, We will be
> happy to work in GNU / Linux development, any assistance You're in need
> to You or to Us. I hope You are ready for cooperation.

You do not need any permission or agreement to use Linux, Debian GNU/Linux 
or any other, or to help with it's further development. Just do your bit, 
and we'll be happy. 

How do you contribute?  See http://www.debian.org/intro/help and 

Happy hacking!

-- vbi

Open source is more secure. Period.
        -- CTO Trend Micro

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