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Re: /run support for wheezy?

Roger Leigh <rleigh@codelibre.net> writes:

> Both of these issues were due to /etc/mtab being inconsistent with
> reality.  I've now corrected the code to make domtab() behave
> identically to domount() to ensure that they are always working
> in the same manner.  Once /run is established, I wonder if moving
> /etc/mtab to /run/mtab would be feasible, since it would mean this
> complex and hairy setup could be dropped entirely.

At least on linux /etc/mtab needs to link to /proc/mounts or be
removed. With Linuxes per process view of what is mounted where this is
the only way to get an accurate list of mounted filesystems.

But there are still some things that haven't adapted yet, e.g. the
mount.nfs helper. While a link already works for most people it doesn't
work for all people yet. So this isn't something we can do today. I
think adapting software to use /run/mtab is a waste of time better spend
on getting the last view things to support /proc/mounts instead.


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