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Top level directory /run added to Fedora/Suse


Via LWN I see:

> I just uploaded a new version of systemd into F15, which establishes a
> directory /run in the root directory.
> ...
> In the past weeks key people from the Debian, Suse, Ubuntu and Fedora
> camps (and others, too) discussed the whole issue forth and back, ...
> ...
> With this upload Fedora and Suse have already adopted /run now. Debian
> folks will suggest this for their coming release. Ubuntu has agreed with
> introducing /run as well.

 -- http://lwn.net/Articles/436012/

I hadn't seen any hint of this up 'til now, and with a quick peruse couldn't find any posts. Are there any? If so, any urls?

Anyway, I'd like to give a +1000 to this, and offer my thanks to the nameless Debianites who've pushed this forward. And hey, can we nominate the Debian/Suse/Ubuntu/Fedora cabal^Wrepresentatives who've already made such progress as the new FHS maintainers while we're at it? :)


Anthony Towns <aj@erisian.com.au>

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