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Re: Meeting Minutes, FTPMaster meeting March 2011

Joerg Jaspert <joerg@ganneff.de> writes:

>   Additionally we will support new architectures like armhf, sparc64,
>   powerpc64, sh4 and s390x in case someone does the neccessary
>   groundwork needed prior to an inclusion, and gets all the needed
>   preconditions settled.  If porters want to discuss inclusion, they
>   should contact us.


did you discuss supporting partial architecture for use with multiarch?

What I mean here is that for example powerpc64 doesn't need a full set
of packages. There is no need to run bash in 64bit for example. But some
people might need a 64bit postgreql. So it would be enough to build only
a subset of packages for powerpc64 and run the buildds under multiarch
with powerpc + powerpc64 configured.

Obviously that still is work in progress but with dpkg and apt finally
getting multiarch ready and the emdebian people working on cross
compilers and cross building this shouldn't be too far in the future

The question is: Would you support a partial port that is just an
extention of an existing port or does it need to be a full port?


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