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Re: Help identify packages that multiarch support will break

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> writes:

> [ Bcc to -dpkg for info ]
> Hello,
> since multiarch support in dpkg is on good track, it's about time to
> identify what will break when people start using multiarch packages...

A while back I already posted about a major problem cases. Specifically
packages violating Debian policy: 8.2 Shared library support files. That
includes conffiles in /etc and binaries in /usr/bin. Both are already a
problem if the library SONAME changes but will bite multiarch too.

A rough check over all packages in unstable back then resulted in 126
library packages with conffiles and a further 926 (excluding those with
conffiles) library packages with binaries. A library package being one
with a shlibs file.

What is the policy on conffiles under multiarch? Can a Multi-Arch: same
package have conffiles? Or would that confuse dpkg too much?


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