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Needed input from Australian users and developers:; choosing timezones for Australia in D-I


I need some help from Australian people.

Debian Installer includes (in tzsetup) a way to choose a timezone
among multiple timezones, when users have picked a country that has
more than one timezone.

I'm currently working on this as things change constantly in such

As preliminary, please notice that the point is not giving a full
choice within the gazillion of possible timezones. See
"dpkg-reconfigure tzdata". 

The timezone choice in D-I is supposed to be user-friendly and easy to
understand for the average citizen of the said country.

When it comes at Australia, the choice was, up to now:

 Lord Howe Island
 Broken Hill

That's indeed insane..:-). Hobart (Tasmania), Melbourne (Victoria),
Sydney (NSW) and Canberra (ACT) have the *exact* same time rules
(including DST). Lindeman island is in Queensland and uses the same
time than it. Broken Hill is only specific because, even if it's in NSW,
it follows South Australia time..

Indeed, after some study, Australia (excluding outside territories that have
their own ISO code anyway) has only 7 different time "zones", as of

5 for the "continent"+Tasmania:
- Eastern Time with use of DST: Victoria, NSW, ACT, Tasmania
- Eastern Time withouty use of DST: Queensland
- Central Time with use of DST: South Australia
- Central Time without use of DST: Northern Territory
- Western Time without use of DST: Western Australia

2 more specific:
- Lord Howe Island
- Eyre Highway (also known as Eucla) using a funky UTC+8:45. That's
about 200 people, according to Wikipedia. This "timezone" is
unofficially called Central Western

I currently propose to offer the following choices in D-I:

 Victoria, ACT, NSW, Tasmania (Eastern Time, DST)
 Queensland (Eastern Time, no DST)
 South Australia (Central Time, DST)
 Northern Territory (Central Time, no DST)
 Western Australia (Western Time)
 Central Western Standard Time (Eucla)
 Lord Howe Island

Do you guys think this would be understandable to the average

Would something hurt some feelings (such as mentioning Victoria before

An alternative was:
 Eastern Time with DST
 Eastern Time without DST
 Central Time with DST
 Central Time without DST
 Western Time
 Central Western Standard Time
 Lord Howe Island

PS: for those nitpicking folds among you, Cocos (Keeling), Christmas
and Norfolk Islands as well as the three Australian Antarctic
Territories are supposed to be covered by different choices when it
comes at "country".


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