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Re: Speeding up dpkg, a proposal

On Sat, 19 Mar 2011, Goswin von Brederlow <goswin-v-b@web.de> wrote:
> > I recently had a situation where I was doing a backup to a USB flash
> > device  and I decided to install some Debian packages.  The sync()
> > didn't complete until the backup completed because the write-back
> > buffers were never empty!
> Which is odd because I've used sync() while copying large amounts of
> data and the sync() completes while the copying is going on steadily.
> It only waits for the currently dirty buffers to be written, not for any
> buffers that get dirtied later. At least it used to.

Maybe.  Of course if I happened to have 500M of dirty buffers on the flash 
device that could take a long time to be written and give a result that's 
pretty close to my first impression.

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