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Re: Frage zu eine DEB Paket


On Wednesday 09 March 2011 02.19:42 linus.kaltenbach wrote:
> Hi ich hab ne Frage,wieso haben sie in Ihrem Repo kein OpenBVE drin
> http://openbve.trainsimcentral.co.uk/

The answer to "why is X not in Debian" for free software packages is mostly: 
because nobody has done the work (yet.)

I haven't looked at openbve at all, but if it's indeed free software and 
does not have dependencies on non-free software, there shouldn't be much 
preventing anybody to create a pakckage. Note that you don't have to be a 
registered Debian developer to create a package: you can find somebody to 
upload it to Debian if you create a package that suffices Debian's 

Note that for openbve, a "Request for Package" has already been filed:
so at least one other person was interested in getting a package at some 

-- vbi

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