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Re: GNOME 3 and panel applets

Le lundi 07 mars 2011 à 02:01 +0100, David Weinehall a écrit : 
> > The panel remains, but it will be a GTK3 / D-Bus panel. In its current
> > state, it doesn’t support the good old GTK2 / bonobo applets, of which
> > we have a lot in the archive. Upstream confirmed they don’t have time to
> > support them for 3.0 unless someone steps up to do the job. 
> This is only partially correct though.  gnome-panel will remain, but in
> a heavily modified state -- the intention for the GNOME 3 version of
> gnome-panel is having it as a fallback in case gnome-shell isn't
> supported, and thus a lot of features will be gutted or altered to
> ensure that it behaves as similar as possible to gnome-shell.

AIUI, this is mostly a different default configuration. Nothing prevents
us from shipping another one.

> People who have been expressing concern about this have, reasonably
> enough, been told that gnome-panel 2.32 is probably what they really
> want.  Are there any plans to provide this package?


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