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Re: re buildd's resolver and package's build deps


Am Montag, den 28.02.2011, 19:12 +0000 schrieb Roger Leigh:
> Agreed.  Note that we now support strict 'first-only' alternatives
> handling with the 'apt' and 'aptitude' resolvers.  See the notes for
> 0.60.0 and 0.60.1 pertaining to resolvers here:
> http://git.debian.org/?p=buildd-tools/sbuild.git;a=blob;f=NEWS;h=f4576f0e3b3c0fcd660000abcd93898697246b9a;hb=HEAD
> We have made the alternative resolving configurable, so that you can
> use strict 'first only' or all alternatives.  It defaults to
> 'first only', which will give resolution almost entirely like the
> internal resolver.

I have a bit a bad feeling about not being able to use alternatives in
build-depends. For example at the moment, we are renaming a self-hosting
compiler package from ghc6 to ghc. Previously, the dependency has been
on "ghc6". Now it is "ghc | ghc6", at least for the transition period,
and it would be a shame if the buildds would (do?) not cope with that.

And before someone suggests to have one upload with a dependency on ghc6
and then the next on ghc only – this would be troublesome as the
compiler will not work immediately on all arches, and we really like to
improving the package with subsequent uploads while sorting out how to
get it to compile on problematic architectures.


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