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Re: Help identify packages that multiarch support will break


On Thu, 03 Mar 2011, Carsten Hey wrote:
> * Raphael Hertzog [2011-03-02 15:06 +0100]:
> >    In general parsing the status file should not be done, instead you
> >    should use dpkg-query.
> Is there any reason for this, except that the format of the status files
> will evolve?

dpkg-query will automatically respect DPKG_ADMINDIR if it's set (and it's
set in maintainer scripts). (this is a new feature in the upcoming version)

And the status file is not a public interface. It's a file used by dpkg.
If tomorrow dpkg supports an optional SQLite internal database through a
plugin, dpkg-query will continue to work but your access to the status
file will not. (This is unlikely to happen any time soon, but you get the

> >    You should use "dpkg-query --control-path <package> <something>" to
> Jftr, there is a lot potential for performance improvements in
> dpkg-query, some queries can be done way faster even in gawk.

JFTR, there are also 300+ bugs in the BTS and we are two active developers
on dpkg.

dpkg-query is rarely used in performance sensitive situation, it's not
really my priority to improve it. But if you want to help, you're welcome.

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