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Re: potential MBF: first alternate depends not available in main

On 02/03/2011 16:13, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> If the user has rar-nonfree installed, that would be fine, as the dependency
> would be satisfied. If he doesn't have it, then installing a package from main
> shouldn't install packages outside main, so we should prefer packages in main
> over those outside it.

If a user choices to enable other repository (such as the non-free section
or even external repository), he can expect that these repository will be
managed equally. Moreover, as for the unrar example, the non-main package is
often better featured (but, of course, with a worst license) than the one in
main (else, the non-main package would not even exits). So, installing them
if the admin choices to use non-main repository seems the good thing to
do by the package manager in this case.

  If a user uses only main, then he will never have a package installing
a other one outside of main.

  If you want that a package from main do not install a package outside
of main, you will have to fix several other problems (packages with
a newer version in another enabled repository). But, in my opinion, this
is a bad fight against the choice of the administrator...

  If a admin wants non-free (or another repo) only for one software
(java, ...), he can use pinning to express this concern to the package


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