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Bug#615984: ITP: out-of-order -- comedy science fiction adventure game

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Tobias Hansen <tobias.hansen@physik.uni-hamburg.de>

* Package name    : out-of-order
  Version         : 1.0
  Upstream Author : Tim Furnish <tim@hungrysoftware.com>
* URL             : http://outoforder.adventuredevelopers.com
* License         : Freeware with permission to redistribute, see below
  Programming Lang: SLUDGE
  Description     : comedy science fiction adventure game

It is available in the form of a compiled game file that is interpreted
by the SLUDGE engine, which I also intend to package (ITP bug #612862).
The source code of the game is not available. I hope that the package
will be included in non-free.

Here is the license, in DEP-5 format:

Format: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/dep/web/deps/dep5.mdwn?op=file&rev=166
Upstream-Name: Out Of Order
Upstream-Contact: Tim Furnish <tim@hungrysoftware.com>
Source: http://outoforder.adventuredevelopers.com

Files: *
Copyright: 2000 - 2003 Tim Furnish
License: Custom
 Greetings, Linux user. I see you can open and read text files. You're
 quite the computer expert, aren't you? Ace. With a spot of luck, then,
 you may also happen to be quite proficient at a game called Out Of Order.
 And, as good fortune would have it, that game should be provided in the
 same packagey bundle as this text file. Or vice versa, depending on point
 of view. My point is this: Out Of Order is a comedy sci-fi adventure game,
 set somewhere in some time period, featuring a guy in silly slippers and
 written originally for Windows. Or, rather, it was originally written for
 the freeware SLUDGE adventure game engine back in the day when there was
 only a Windows version. However, the times are very much a-changin' and
 the engine has since been ported to other platforms. Hooray for people
 with more time on their hands than myself! I admire and adore them all.
 As should you, because without them you'd not be able to play this fine
 game on your non-Windows machine. Hang on, was that actually my point?
 No, wait. THIS was my point: the initial distribution of Out Of Order
 contained the Windows engine. But I hereby give permission for you to
 possess a copy of the data file and a copy of the engine for another
 operating system of your choosing and experience the joys of the former
 via the modern miracle of the latter. But please - don't charge for it.
 And don't break the package apart and distribute bits of it individually.
 And don't try to reverse engineer it. And don't prod and poke at it with a
 HEX editor to make the characters say rude things about people you know,
 or to make it look like you wrote it. Just play it and love it and get in
 a grump with it when you can't get past some part of it. On which topic, a
 few hints for those who've read this far: everyone else's is on the
 outside of their door, read it out loud, and try using thing A in thing B
 in thing C, not just thing A in thing C. (Sorry about that third one.)
 - Tim Furnish, June 2010
 While the license text does not explicitly mention redistribution, Tim
 Furnish wrote in the same mail to me (Tobias Hansen) that also contained
 the license:
 "Sore, by all means make the existing OOO data file available for Linux
 - with the engine if that's what you're suggesting. I must admit, despite
 having used Linux on and off for over 10 years, I've never packaged
 anything up for it for distribution so don't really have that much of a
 clue about what's involved. But yeah, go for it. The data file's freely
 distributable at the moment as part of the installer... so I guess there's
 no harm whatsoever in make it available outside of it." 

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