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Re: Are circular dependencies inside a source package OK?


circular dependencies are bad for a variety of reasons already explained here 
(plus probably some others), but...

On Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
>  - Piuparts is not able to come up with a sensible order to test
>    packages when there are dependency loops.  A workaround has been
>    implemented.  Suspect packages with loops are simply never tested
>    by piuparts

...piuparts in master-slave mode can (barely) cope with them now, using a list 
provided at http://debian.semistable.com/debgraph.out.html - see the piuparts 
0.39 changelog about #526046 for more info.

(The sensible order to test packages with circular depends IMO is to pick one 
randomly. If the test fails (due to problems in the circular dependend 
packages), all of these packages will fail anyway, and if it passes, well, 
all will pass ;-) 

Sill, the implemented solution is definitly a hack - but to fix #526045 
I^wsomeone will probably have to largely rewrite the dependency parser and 
related code anyway... 


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