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Re: prepare to fix build failures with new GCC versions

On Sun, 27 Feb 2011, Matthias Klose wrote:
> Unreflected usage of symbols files for C++ libraries
> - ----------------------------------------------------
> These seem to be limited to Qt and KDE related libraries.
> Apparently g++-4.4 did emit references to symbols defined in header files of
> depending libraries.  At least some of these are not emitted anymore with 4.5
> and 4.6.  Packages calling dpkg-gensymbols with -c2 or higher, fail to build.
> The mangling for virtual thunks did change, and generates different symbols on
> some architectures.  The issues can be avoided by using the unmangled names.

Well, if the mangling changed it means binaries linked against old
libraries will no longer work so it's rather good that the symbols files
doesn't match any more because you have to bump the mimimum version number
for that symbol.

So "avoiding" the problem is not really a goal in this case... a symbols
files which does match based on the unmangled name would have let this
mistake slip through. :-|

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