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Re: Aren't there any checks in place to prevent a package from becoming uninstallable?

On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 03:49:43PM +0800, jidanni@jidanni.org wrote:
> Aren't there any checks in place to prevent a package from becoming
> uninstallable?  E.g., bug #615530, #615528.

We have tool to detect that and we periodically monitor the
uninstallable packages in the various suites using edos-distcheck:


That is not enough to *prevent* the uninstallability, because uploads to
the archive are not transactional (e.g. upload and buildd delays). But
even if they were transactional, trying to prevent (temporary)
uninstallability issues would probably create more probably than it
solves. For instance, it will create a new kind of "transition", forcing
people to upload at the same time all the packages needed to avoid
temporary uninstallability (who might be maintained by different
maintainers ...). That might work in more controlled distributions, such
as emdebian who does that, but it's most likely too constraining to
apply to Debian, for little benefit.

An in between solution would be an optional upload time check that will
warn of the temporary uninstallability that an upload will induce. To
have that though, the best way would be support for upload time hooks in
dput. We've discussed that in the past---see #477919---but no one ended
up adding the needed support to dput.


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