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Notification of major perl upgrades with triggers

perl has had a long-outstanding bug, #230308, concerning packages,
particularly long-running daemons, breaking on a major perl upgrade.
This is a similar situation to libc6, which currently has a debconf
prompt asking the local administrator for permission to restart related

The preferred suggestion for perl currently seems to be that we make use
of a dpkg trigger, so that interested packages can register an interest
in the trigger and perform actions such as restarting daemons when the
trigger is activated.

A proof of concept exists at
and I plan to test this with perl 5.12 and spamassassin. My suggested
trigger name is perl-major-upgrade.

If these tests are successful, I would like this to be a part of the
perl 5.12 package which transitions to unstable in the future. I would
also submit a patch to the Debian Perl policy, documenting the existence
of the trigger and recommending that application packages use it if

I would be interested in any comments people have about this proposal.


Dominic Hargreaves | http://www.larted.org.uk/~dom/
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