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Re: Packaging an RGTP server and client

Ian Jackson writes:
> Why not package the GROGGS RGTP server ?

I'd far rather package the original rgtpd than Spurge. I'm not
aware offhand of where to get the source; could you let me know?

> This bulletin board system is not a web bbs; it's a plain text BBS
> with a web UI.  I think that's a significantly different offering to
> most other web BBSs.


> Perhaps we should have a complete RGTP kit.

Yes: that sounds like an interesting plan!

I think also Net::RGTP[1] could do with being packaged, if the others

> Declaration of interest: I was the original author of the RGTP
> protocol spec and the reference implementation used on GROGGS.  Thomas
> knows this I'm sure.

Yes, indeed.


[1] http://search.cpan.org/~marnanel/Net-RGTP-0.10/lib/Net/RGTP.pm
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