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Re: Q: who uses busybox-static, what for, and your wishes for it?

On Thu, 24 Feb 2011, Michael Tokarev wrote:

> Is busybox-static package actually in use?  Do you have
> suggestions for its configuration?

It is not always easier to boot from an external medium, especially if
the machine is $faraway and all you have is a serial console.  Setting
init to the static box has saved a couple machines on occassion,
including debian.org machines.  It's still very useful and I'd hate to
see it go.
> A full "allyesconfig" of today busybox is a 13-megabytes
> binary (statically linked with glibc), I doubt such a
> monster is really needed (and it will grow with more
> applets are added to busybox).  Obviously some line
> has to be drawn somewhere, -- no need to enable just
> _everything_.  But in order to understand what to
> enable, some understanding of intended usage is a
> good thing to have, too.. :)

I don't mind it having _everything_.  Disk space in the megabytes range
is dirt cheap in my use cases.  Missing a feature or two is way more

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