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Re: Release file changes

Russ Allbery wrote:
> Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> writes:
> > Right. For now I undo this (with next dinstall run), until either one of
> > the following happens:
> >   - lenny is gone and the tools are fixed in squeeze with a point
> >     update (provided the SRMs approve such updates, but I *hope* so).
> >     Until today we discovered:
> >      * debootstrap (has a patch IIRC)
> >      * cdebootstrap
> >      * debmirror (fix uploaded)
> I can confirm that the unstable debmirror runs great on oldstable and can
> mirror the new-format repository, although I had to use --diff=none
> because otherwise a bunch of Packages diff files would fail the SHA-1
> checksum and block the mirror.  (That's not a new problem; I had
> --pdiff=none previously due to the same problem.)

It does have a minor big with -v on oldstable.

More problimatic is the diff size to use generic checksum types,
since it entailed many broad changes:
git diff 2.5..2.6|wc -l
This would be difficult to justify for proposed-updates.

see shy jo

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