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Re: Release file changes

>> >>> until today our Release files included 3 Hashes for all their entries:
>> >>> MD5SUM, SHA1, SHA256. I just modified the code to no longer include
>> >>> MD5SUM in *all* newly generated Release files.
>> >> When will that affect Release files for stable? Next point release?
>> >> Because that unfortunatly completly breaks debmirror..
>> > It did suddenly change for squeeze-updates without consultation with the
>> > suite admins.  I expect that this is reverted.
>> Good laugh that is.
> In any case, it would seem logical for squeeze and squeeze-updates to
> use the same set of hashes, imho; similarly the -proposed-updates
> suites.  Each of the "sister" suites would generally be expected to be
> consumed (for want of a better word) by the tools in the corresponding
> (old)stable suite.

Sure, and thats a reason I happily follow. Instead of that useless we
had before. :)

bye, Joerg
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