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Re: RFC: bringing back task packages

Le Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 10:51:05AM +0100, Adam Borowski a écrit :
> On the contrary, I don't see what an input system would be good for.  How
> many languages can you write?

The one from the country where I was born, and the one from the country that
was kind enough to give me a work visa :)

> Such a task would be useful only for installs that are meant to cater to
> many users from all around the world -- a very rare occurence, while
> cluttering and potentially slowing down the systems of everyone else.

At least for Japanese, the input system is not active by default when starting
GNOME with a French or English locale. One has to enable it, for instance with
im-switch. I do not know how invasive are other input sytems. But if they are
not, I thing that they could be part of a ‘I have disk space’ i18n task. 

I would not mind spending a couple of gigabytes if this would make my computer
ready for use for anybody on this planet. For this, we need also to install
most translations available. This is one of the rare things I miss from
Macintosh. I always feel sorry that, while when I borrow a Mac I can switch it
to French, when I lend my Debian, people can not switch it to Japanese unless I
prepared it in advance.

Have a nice day,


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