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Small transition: soundtouch 1.5

Hi all,

I've planned to move the new soundtouch 1.5 release from experimental
to sid within the new few days.
Here is a short list of binary packages [1] which will be affected by
the transition:


Some of them may need a bit of work to build fine, then when
rebuilding your packages please keep in mind what follows:

 * libBPM.so was removed: Don't link against such shlib, the
"-lSoundTouch" flag does the job.
 * Development package renamed: libsoundtouch1-dev changed to
libsoundtouch0-dev, which Provides the virtual 'libsoundtouch-dev'
 * The pkg-config soundtouch-1.0.pc file was obsolete and it is no
longer provided, rely on the new soundtouch.pc instead.

If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the Debian
Multimedia Maintaintaners


[1] The packages maintained by the DMM team are omitted.

Alessio Treglia          | www.alessiotreglia.com
Debian Developer         | alessio@debian.org
Ubuntu Core Developer    | quadrispro@ubuntu.com
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